I was only 9 when the freaking reality hit me. I was at school and had my PT class that day, so white uniform as usual. It was a typical day, fun, running around the school, sharing tiffins, long bus lines, and home at last. Then, out of nowhere, the world seemed to crash down onto me. I am bleeding internally, hemorrhaging maybe? I was going to die!

My mom now realized there was no more evading the inevitable. It was time to talk to me about it. There it was, my PERIOD. Ok, so, first things first, I was going to live, well, this is a relief! Now, coming back to the PERIOD, this is a serious problem, to be honest, and apparently, I am going to bleed every month for the next 30-40 years… and this is normal, somehow?

Frankly, it was scary, and it made no sense. No one around me had anything like this before. So why me? Did I do something wrong?… Well, I have to deal with it now but wait, do people know that I am having my periods? How am I supposed to attend my PT classes? Do I smell of blood? Did I stain my clothes?…

Many questions crowd a young-menstruators mind when they get their first period, trust me! Is there anything we can do to make this easier for them? Well, YES!

We need to talk about periods more openly and let children know the changes they will go through. Sex-education treated as taboo is in-fact the biggest problem in our society. Lack of an open, honest conversation about menstruation and sex is a mistake that later gives rise to shame and toxic curiosity… Leading to unhealthy concepts of self and sex.

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