Written and edited by: Anwesha Simlai and Rahul Chaturvedi

Joy (2015), a film loosely based on Joy Mangano – an american inventor – starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano. Joy is a mother of two, working an unsatisfying job as a clerk lives with her single mother, Terri and ex-husband, Tony and maternal grandmother, Mimi. She has always had a passion to build and is later persuaded by her friend Jackie to pursue her inventions.

She at last gets a patent for her product, but with constant bills for faulty product remake it is understood that the company is ripping her off. Due to some contract loophole her patent gets wrongfully stolen from her. But things go downhill with Mimi’s death and the business is jeopardized by her half sister. She later becomes a successful entrepreneur who invests in other inventors.

This movie is honestly for older viewers not because of its content but for the way it relates with reality. Joy, from a dysfunctional family dealing with financial crisis, wants her dreams to be fulfilled, gets rejected ample of times, finds hope, gets betrayed and scammed and breaks apart but finds her way back. The story has the amount of reality that it needed.

It is not a mainstream movie. David O. Russell, the director portrays a woman who has the capacity to stand erect in a man’s world. No matter how harsh the world treats Joy, she stands up dusting herself clean. She shows the world which holds that business is not a woman’s “cup of tea”, is just a myth which is groundless and hypocritical.

A woman has to deal with a world looking down on her, that’s true, but Joy shows us how even then they can raise up a mountain. Joy is a film which conveys hope to all and gives them the strength to fight for their dreams

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