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I was 14, a teenager, at last. However, my long-awaited teenage years came with some weird experiences. Almost overnight, I started behaving strangely. Somedays, I snapped at my friends, argued with my parents about subjects I didn’t even care for, and frankly cried like a baby. I was agitated, irritated, and even angry with almost the whole world. Then they told me that I was experiencing something called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), apparently a common problem occurring due to hormonal changes in the body during their periods.

Then, out of nowhere, my periods became irregular, sometimes I would bleed twice a month, and on some months, I did not get my period at all. I was swinging between two extremes. That was not all, my worst nightmare seemed to accompany my plight. Spots on my face, like blisters, and they hurt if I tried to pop them. Later, I learned those were acne and pimples. They occurred often and left scars that I couldn’t get rid of. All this was happening because of the hormonal imbalances that my poor-body was going through. That was not the end of my predicament, it came with an additional ingredient, the intense pain or cramps so hurtful that I felt like my insides were turned upside down. I even bled much more than usual, and that was so scary, even terrifying.

Teenagers are expected to be moody, troublesome, stubborn, and even unbearable. But do they have a choice? No, frankly, they don’t. Their confusion with what happens with and within them is real, sometimes too real! They are confused, troubled, and scared of the life ahead of them, irrespective of their gender.

What can we do? Try and understand their predicament, be patient, listen to them, and guide them through their body and life changes. Like us all, a teenager needs empathy.

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