I want the fairy tale. – PRETTY WOMAN(1990)

Written by: Anwesha Simlai and Rahul Chaturvedi
I want the fairy tale. - PRETTY WOMAN(1990)

Pretty Woman, a tale of an unlikely romance directed by Garry Marshall, stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis. A successful businessman who buys others’ business to expand his own with his attorney Philip Stuckey (Jason Alexander), meets Vivian, a prostitute who helps find his way back to Phil’s place. He had a change of heart at the drop off and offers Vivian to come with him and spend the week. He buys her dresses and jewellery along with paying for helping him, this soon turns into a liking for Vivian. 

Vivian’s involvement is misinterpreted by Phil and takes a horrible turn. Edward’s efforts fail in the due course to convince Vivian to stay and she sets off to pursue her education, but in the end, she does get the fairytale she had always wanted and the ending is a happy one.

This film is one of the top-grossing romantic comedies of all time. The story is a masterpiece written by J. F. Lawton and Robert’s acting skills give this movie an extraordinary turn. It shows the other side of prostitution by showing us that even they have a life with dreams. 

Vivian’s character shows innocence, passion towards her dreams, a positive and challenging way of taking over the world, she is unlike the usual sex-workers we have in our minds. Through the film we find the journey of a novice who slowly finds the extraordinary lady inside her.

This shows utter disregard of a woman’s feelings but the talented script covers that up with amazing comedy. A woman, no matter her profession, has feelings and thoughts of her own, and the society should respect it. Nobody can force their ideas or themselves on women.

Society seems to be unable to respect prostitutes; they are rejected, humiliated, abused, materialised wherever they go. Sometimes even the most hopeless persons can shine bright if given the chance, this is what the film wants to convey. 

This movie conveys deep inequalities in a very witty and fun way. The movie shows that being happy is very important and inexpensive to find. No matter when or where we find it we deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. 

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