Written by : Harshita and Amita
Edited by : Anwesha Simlai, Preksha Joshi

When I was in standard six at the onset of teenage, I had several thoughts initially. Why are we girls always told to be conscious about everything be it our clothing, the length of our skirts, menstruation, or about how to behave with boys in our own class? Too many thoughts but no one to answer.

Slowly I grew up with incomplete or next to no knowledge about what should have been the priority in the building me up. Schools in India lack basic education about sex that should be imparted to the growing children irrespective of the gender, not only because its necessary but also as it would clear a lot of problems and throw light on problems we all go through in our lives. Younger generations fall prey to the vague information which often leads to uninformed decisions. Talking about sex education, sexuality or homosexuality is considered a taboo in the Indian society due to cultural norms established decades ago. Because of that people fear talking freely about their sexuality or their desires. And those who show the courage to put it into words, are considered outcasts in the society.

There is lack of awareness among young adults about thier bodies, safe sex, menstruation and HIV/AIDS epidemic, good and bad touch, STIs and so on. They lack appropriate and accurate information concerning sexual health, unwanted pregnancy etc. This education can make a profound impact and help in having a healthy body, a healthy mind, healthy relationships, and a healthy overview for the society which is the need of the hour.

A proper education gives us the knowledge and tells us the difference between a consensual sexual relationship rather than an abusive one. It is always seen that the curiosity for knowing the unknown about the opposite sex ends up giving birth to crimes we are shocked even to talk about.

Irrespective of gender people are scared to talk about sex, sexual desire and reproduction, especially men because it apparently questions their honour and masculinity, and women because they are not supposed to talk about it and for the fear of getting their character questioned.

It’s high time that parents and teachers in schools should take a step of educating their children by forgetting the old taboos. Home and schools are foundation in each person’s life and these places should teach them the knowledge of self and be better people.

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