In sisterhood, women are empowered. Join us in building the #sistercode

Patriarchy has, for centuries, pitted women against each other and taught us to compete for a man’s attention, placing our value in our physical appearance. It is time to crush the illusion and build sisterhood.

Don’t judge her, don’t belittle her, don’t compete with her. Instead, uplift each other, because only together we can smash the patriarchy.



The unsaid hierarchy of gender created by patriarchy has taught us the need to man-up, to succeed in this man’s world. Equality doesn’t mean that we all become men. It means we need to shake this existing lopsided world and make equal room for feminity.
Recent studies have proved women to be better leaders, not because they led like men, but because they embraced empathy, nurtured, and thought as women do!

So, let us all WOMAN UP and smash the patriarchal hierarchies of binary gender.


As Mala Yousafzai said, “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” 
Realizing that we are a part of the whole is the foundation of sisterhood. 
Our achievements, in isolation, will mean little if half of us are denied basic human rights. 
With privilege comes responsibility. To speak up for those who aren’t heard, to stand up for those who aren’t seen, because only together we can smash the patriarchy.


We’re still judging women for their sex lives and it’s not OK. The idea that women are supposed to be sexually coy encourages rape culture. Let us break this narrative and create a culture of enthusiastic consent. Build women who are sexually liberated and confident enough to freely given consent. Only then will society understand that consent is NOT  listening for a “no,” but to make sure there is an active, “yes,” from all involved. Next time, don’t judge another woman for her sexuality!