Stressful Life

Stressful Life

Written by: Anwesha Simlai
Edited by: Preksha Joshi

Adulthood is a time I always wanted to reach from childhood. The freedom, the fun, the parties, and so on. At last, I am at that age where I get to make my own decisions, earn my own money, cook my own food, and learn from my mistakes. But the downside is that there is stress everywhere these days. Well, that wouldn’t be difficult by itself to handle, but the non-benefit is that my bleeding routine gets irregular.

Some disorders like PCOD / PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease / Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are common with such irregularities. This awfully scary disease has taken the world by a storm. It is said to be affecting about 5-10% of women at their reproductive age. The symptoms of this disorder are even sometimes seen in men. Some prominent symptoms are irregular periods, heavy bleeding, infertility, male pattern baldness, headaches, weight gain, stubborn acne, etc.

Adulthood comes with its own sets of burdens, like hormones and emotions. These days life has become so fast that people often don’t get time for a serious relationship. Love comes and goes and we just stall and wait for the right moment to settle. Well, frankly that’s not such a bad idea but sometimes it leads to several complexities in our body that we tend to realize a little too late. Adults face common problems during pregnancy because of various reasons. Some being the age factor, extreme stress level which weakens our system leading to complications, issues related to contraceptive pills, and others. Well, we get so busy trying to excel in our life, which is great but in the process, we just stop or ignore our health. So, when we get a chance to settle we realize that we have just messed up with our life and reproductive cycle too much.

It is important to take care of our health no matter how busy or focused we are. It sometimes feels unnecessary to do so while we run after our dreams but our dreams are already related to us so we need to be healthy. Stress comes and goes, I know it’s easy to say that but hard in reality. But keeping your mind in a healthy space is much more important. The burdens of this age will go away one day somehow, but by then we would just be left empty-handed with problems that could have been avoided. So please everyone, no matter who you are or where you are, in love or not, keep yourself healthy. We all have waited for this age for so long so why not take a minute and enjoy it rather than running after it and compromising our health.

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