Our Mission

Is to end period poverty among underprivileged menstruators in India by providing them with sustainable menstrual products and comprehensive education on menstrual management. 
Our initial goal is to help 1 lakh menstruators from low-income households live with period dignity.

Period Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much do you know about Menstrual Hygiene Management in India? 

About Project Period

Project Period was started during the COVID-19 lockdown when thousands of menstruators faced sanitary pad shortages across India. We began with relief drives to distribute anti-microbial reusable sanitary pads. Our distribution drives go hand in hand with workshops that encourage informed choice. We believe that building awareness about alternative menstrual products that promote resilience and sustainability is an effective approach to end period poverty.

So far, we have reached over 2500 young women from low-income households. 

We are entirely reliant on private donors and public support. Every rupee we receive or raise goes into our distribution drives.

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