End Rape Culture

What can we do to #EndRapeCulture: 

1. Encouraging Active Consent. The most important part of ending rape culture is to create an environment of active consent. To educate the youth that a LACK of NO is NOT consent. To create an environment where young boys and girls are taught how to seek active consent and respect active consent. 

2. Encourage Female Sexual Autonomy: The only way to create an environment of active consent is by respecting female sexual autonomy. Teaching women their right to say NO and their right to say YES.  Creating a culture where women are not judged for executing their sexual autonomy is the first step towards active consent.  

3. Undo the False Narrative of Good Woman: One of the biggest deterrents to a gender-equal society is the age-old false narrative of good women, you can watch this video to understand what is the false narrative of a good woman. 

Patriarchy has taught us that a man is entitled to desire, while the woman is merely the object of his desire. We grew up imbibing the false narrative of a good woman, we hold women to inhuman standards, our sisters, our mothers, are all expected to live up to the idea of a pure, mother goddess. When we see a woman breaking that narrative, taking charge of her own sexuality, it can be intimidating, because it forces us to see the object of our desire as an individual, as a human being. This, however, is an essential step towards ending rape culture.

4. Redefine Masculinity: Another repercussion of the patriarchal culture is the many pressures of masculinity on society’s male members. This not only creates an imbalanced power dynamics, giving rise to male entitlement but also leads to toxic masculinity as a result of the undue pressures of living up to the stereotypical ideologies of being a man. 

To end rape culture, we need to look at the definitions of masculinity and redefine it. We need to start placing value on compassion as a parameter for being a “man”. 

5. End Impunity: Redefining Masculinity and Undoing the False narrative of Good Woman go hand in hand with a culture that does not make excuses for a man’s mistakes, thereby ending impunity. Taking a conscious and collective approach towards this is an imperative part of ending rape culture. 

6. Intersectionality:  Only when we understand that Rape is not a woman problem, it is a cultural problem, can we begin to recognize the role of caste, creed, non-binary gender, sexual orientation, class, etc have to play in this deeply rooted cultural vice.