Advocacy Toolkit



Streedhan in association with University of Liverpool and United Nation Foundation’s Girl Up, India is petitioning to encourage informed choice in menstrual hygiene management as a means to end period poverty. 

Join Us and Be The Change! 

What you can do: 

#1. Sign The Petition

Sign the three-point petition to make sustainable MHM a part of secondary school education.

#2. Go Sustainable Today

Shift to a reusable period product. You can choose a menstrual cup or an anti-microbial, reusable pad. When you buy one for yourself, we will send you a second one free of charge to give to a period pal in need

#3. Be A Period Pal

Contribute Rs.230/- to Support a menstruator from a low-income household. 

We will help your period pal make an informed choice and give them an option between a Reusable Cloth Pad Kit or a Menstrual Cup

#4. Be An Ambassador Of Change

Get Your Ambassador of Change T-Shirt Today. 

With every T-shirt’s purchase, you will support one menstruator, from a low-income household, with sustainable menstrual hygiene products for 2 years.

The T-shirt itself is a tool to spread awareness and encourage people to make an informed choice. 

#5. Let Others Know

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter follow us on @streedhanindia and contribute to the discussion with #endperiodpovertyindia #projectperiod


Share the Period Quiz and let others know about this campaign. 


Period Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much do you know about Menstrual Hygiene Management in India?