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Small Talk with Feryna Wazheir

Watch Feryna talk about the vagina monologue, resting bitch face, and more fun stuff… here.

Enola Holmes

Netflix’s latest book-to-movie adaptation “Enola Holmes”, based on “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” by author Nancy Springer, follows the eponymous young heroine (Millie Bobby Brown) on multiple daring escapes and a few near-death experiences as she quests to find her vanished mother (Helena Bonham Carter). 

Gen Z Talk

Nupi keithel, or Women’s Market, is a 16th-century market where all the vendors are women thus is a symbol of political and social activism in the Indian state of Manipur.

Project Period

Our mission is to end period poverty among underprivileged menstruators in India by providing them with sustainable menstrual products and comprehensive education on menstrual management.  Our initial goal is to help 1 lakh menstruators from low-income households live with period dignity.